Friday, January 7, 2011

Best of 2010...before I close out...I mean it this time

This blog was always intended to be a history of my life with 3 little boys
their Dada
and our pup
and so it will remain.

Boys, you've had a great year.
You've each grown, matured and bloomed.
You're each bigger, wiser, taller and cuter.

Luke's become a homeschooler.
Graham's become a pray-er.
Ethan's become a comedian.
And you are all best friends.

NOTHING could bring me more joy than being your Mama.
Not a chance.
Not even close.

Since May of 2010 this very blog (
10 countries.
"The Lightening" post was the landslide favorite with 224 views
but the most comments ever left were 13.

Next most-viewed was a tie between
"Letter to My Daughters"
"Here's Why it Makes Sense"
with 76 views each.

It's been viewed from the U.S. to China,
from Australia to France,
from Chile to Russia.

It's had followers from Tasmania to Florida,
from Tennessee to Michigan
one important person waaaay north in Washington State...

and that's the last story
of this blog
which I will share with you tomorrow...


  1. I guess I'm the 1st person to write a comment on your last entry of this blog. Esty, you have such a talent for writing!! And are so amazing with the computer. That was fascinating to see that you had over 3200 views in 10 countries! Wow! This year should definitely be an exciting one for the Downes Family!! I admire your faith & your commitment to your family. I also enjoy feeling your enthusiasm aboutyour new family addition. What a lucky little girl to join your family! I'm excited for all of you. Love to all, Aunt Gwyn:)

  2. You are so cute ;) I have loved keeping up with you and the xx chromosomes in the home. Xoxo lizette