Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Tennessee

precious Hailey
(our personal preview of things to come)

Luke and Thatcher

Opryland hotel

Mimi and her grandboys
Bubba and TerBear
Rock Star
E and C

Braden spit up very unexpectedly - she'll kill me for these but the series of photos was priceless
Uncle Andrew and BradyBug

Lukey and Owie
(BFF's since before birth)


  1. Cute pics! I love all the ones of Andrew and Hailey!

  2. Oh my word. I Love your blog- and thank you for your sweet sweet comments on mine. I am so excited for your family. Your lives will NEVER be the same....and inexplicably richer. Oh! I am just amazed at how the Lord works. For sure I will be praying for you and your family. And if you have ANY questions, please please email anytime. : ) As you can tell, I love to talk adoption. Merry Merry Christmas!!