Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Tour by the Numbers


Mimi's typical stance - for posterity

jumping in

my boys
When you are married to a man who works an odd mix of day and night shifts
who is also "low man on the totem pole"
you celebrate holidays ad hoc.
Hence~ the Tennessee Holiday Tour last week.
Here it is by the numbers:
Miles round trip: 1125
Days travelled: 7
People in van: 5
Potty breaks, each way: 4
Boys: 3
DVD player worth its' weight in gold: 1
DVDs most in demand: Alvin and the Chipmunks, classic cartoon version and Space Buddies.
Stops at Cracker Barrel, Sonic, Chik-Fil-A, Guthrie's, Wendy's and Zaxby's: 1, each
Stops at Starbucks:at least 7
Tanks of gas: at least 6
Average naps per person: 1
Times Graham made us all laugh by stating (after being dragged through multiple TN towns to visit people) "I'm so confused": 1
Parties we completely missed because our family couldn't get it together in time: 2
Pizza: at least 3 times
Exellent soups, lasagnes, and comfort foods: daily
Afternoons spent jumping in leaf piles: 1
Average wake-up call from Ethan: 5:15AM
Number of boys who shared a bed at Mimi's: 3
Number of boys (8 and under) who shared a room at Aunt Tiffany's: 6
Trips to our old church to see beloved girl baptized: 1
Times This Writer completely lost it watching baptism: multiple
Trips on carousel per boy: 3
Amount in dollars paid for each snow hat and gloves, 1 each per boy: 1 (thanks, Walmart)
Mornings spent playing in snow: 1
Snow on ground, in inches: 2+
Temperature in degrees Farenheit outside the morning we piled into van and departed: 8
Hours to drive home: 11.5
Hours after arrival till the Hubby had to report to work: 11
Loads of laundry the next day: 5


  1. oh man you make me laugh
    oh man can i so relate

  2. Yeah! You got to see snow! It sounds like you guys had a great trip! I hope to see you again soon!