Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, Christmas 2010 was a romping success!
Does This Writer have photo documentation?
Of course NOT!
If you know me at all you know that I stink at remembering to take pictures
frequently forget to charge my camera...or even to pick it up.
I have humbly admitted this here.

I prefer to think of this as enjoying life too much to stop and be mindful of things like camera-charging.
I always do regret it though, when I forget completely to take pictures.

I do, however have one picture or so of Graham waiting for Santa at the mall when he and I were out on a date on December 23rd...(excited much?)

.... one of the boys in new costumes which Santa bought (half-off after Halloween) and were a huge hit

  that's Anakin, Jango and a teeny Boba Fett

... and the tree

...aaaaaaaaand that's all.

But it was a beauty!!!!
 I have three great videos which I will NOT add here.

Video #1 = my brother-in-law entertaining his 3 adoring, mesmerized nephews with an impromptu puppet show with ample voices and hilarious lack of plotline.

Video #2 = my husband doing a push-up with me on his back, ending with a proud smile.

Video #3 = my 64 year-old father-in-law doing the same with my mother-in-law on his back
(to prove a point).

All totally hysterical but not for the general public.

(Early) New Year's Resolution? TAKE MORE PHOTOS!

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Graham looks so big! I think having a cute little tutu wearing princess might remedy you of forgetting to charge that pesky ol' camera ;) love u- lizette