Monday, November 8, 2010

It's where all the cool kids go

Pretty soon this blog site will be defunct.

There will no longer be only boys ruling this roost leaving me the lone female.

Sort of sad, right?

I know, I sometimes feel that emotion, too.

I have been reading some great books, not the least of which is Mary Beth Chapman's

Choosing to SEE

which I highly reccommend.
In it, she talks some about this sadness side-by-side with the joy of adding to your family.

For myriad reasons we are about ready to pursue adoption plans and are watching, compiling, researching, waiting and praying fervently about all these things.
Reading alot.

And we are not QUITE ready to divulge all that we are preparing...yet.

Almost, though.


For the time being you can still find me on this blog site, like always.

Soon though, This Writer will be blogging over at

Here's the explanation of the title:

My aunt, Amy Bergen Hamovitz, a homeschooling, Jesus-loving, adoptive and biological Mama who went home to be with Jesus in February 2009 after an excruciating battle with thyroid cancer said to me in hushed tones in August, 2008

"You know Esty, I have always felt like a little person with a little life...

it would make more sense to me to be here and watch my children grow, walk my girls through teenaged years and see my boys become men - to me it makes more sense.

But God has used my illness in such a big, big way...

and if this is how God chooses to use me in a big way: so be it."

She had no idea how these words would affect me.

She died 6 months later.

I, too am a little person.

I, too live a fairly little life.

But God has a Big Plan.

I am starting to see it.

more to follow*............

Esty and my Aunt Amy

family reunion, Tucson, Arizona, August 2008


  1. Loking very forward to hearing more of your journey.
    What a special lady your aunt was. Her wrods certainly made me think as I read them.

  2. kelleylarkin@verizon.netNovember 8, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear what's happening! I have so much to talk to you about, too! I'm starting to feel like Jesus brought you into my life for a special reason, and not just to be a wonderful friend, which of course you are to me!! Hope to talk soon.

  3. LOVE your posts, my friend! Whatever you lack in pictures, you adequately make up for in words!! SO VERY EXCITED about the journey God is taking you on! He is so kind!
    Our good friends are at Disney this week and I'm trying hard not to be envious, wishing we were down there with you all!!
    Love you friend!
    p.s. I think I may have pics from Halloween 2006! If I find some, I'll send them your way! =) And I think you're right...I think he was Superman! =)