Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here's why it makes sense

It defies logic.
Adopting in general, in fact.
It's just contrary.
It does make perfect sense, though.
And though some of it is impossible to explain in words
it's a record, for my child if nothing else.
...because I cannot physically bear any more children.
...because I solely have sons.
...because I love female companionship, always have.
...because I've always wanted 4 or more children.
...because well-meaning people always ask women with only sons if they know they can
"get a baby girl from China".
...because for this reason I have always resisted this idea
just to be unique -
so it serves me right.
...because I read Adopted for Life and it changed me.
...because my husband has grown a lump in his throat for China and her devalued daughters.
...because China's One-Child Policy coupled with its' cultural preference for boys means that girls are abandoned, orphaned, even killed quietly as the nation struggles to meet all its' needs through communism.
...because I have known several friends who have adopted from China.
...because even though I had those friends who had adopted from China,
it took my obedience to surrender my hopes of adopting
before my husband came up with the idea all on his own,
which is miraculous.
...because he had Reluctant Husband Syndrome (as Amy Block calls it).
...because when I told him about the Red Thread he said:
"Woah. I think I just felt my heart tug."
...because I know he needs a little girl in his life.
...because my boys need a little sister.
...because we BELIEVE in the redemption story that adoption portrays.
...because if it was an afforable, piece-of-cake process it wouldn't take
faith and chutzpah.
...because China has strict eligibilty guidlines which we barely meet and we still feel certain.
...because we will have to be painfully dependant on supernaturally-timed finances for China to work out.
(it figures)
...because China has slowed the process so severely for "healthy" children but basically opens the floodgates for "less-desirable" ones.
...because I am needy and lonely BUT God has captured me.
& I believe James 1:27, cliche though it sounds:
"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress"
...because there's something worse than taking a risk-----
realizing you missed out because you were afraid it may not end perfectly.
...because it will take faith I don't have enough of today and grace I haven't been allotted yet.
...because if any of my 3 little boys were in an orphanage in China I would stop at
to bring them home where they belong.
...because it's in my heart.
...because it's where she is.
It's just where she is.
So then again - maybe it doesn't make sense after all.
Still, they are the facts.
All for you, my Baby Girl.
In words, spelled out so you never have to wonder.
No magic dreams, no neon signs, no waivering or waffling.
You belong here.
The Chinese proverb calls it a Red Thread -
Jews like your mother say "Beshert".
(or:) "Meant to be" in either culture.
It's you and us.
We're coming.


  1. So thrilled for you guys! --Phil & Cara

  2. Hey there--

    My name is Libby--I'm a great friend of Tiff Dorizas and she told me to check out your blog because my family is in the process of researching adoption right now--we are getting close to choosing our agency and it's looking like we might go with the waiting child program in China--to adopt a boy. (We have two bio daughters). Anyhow, Tiff said you were an amazing resource and to contact you. It looks like you guys are going with the China program too? Anyhow, I'd love to talk adoption with you! What agency are you going with? So far we have narrowed it down to America World or AGCI.

    I love this post. Like you said, at times I think this adoption thing makes no sense, but then I know that it makes all the sense in the world.

    My email is and my blog is:

  3. Oh, Esty, that is so neat! Wow- any child would be so lucky to be able to join your amazing family! I'm excited for you guys- and for your little girl! =)

  4. And...because I see the stars in ALL of your boys' eyes when my little Frownie Mae is present. You forgot that one.

  5. I'm so excited for you! I'm here for you during the paperchase, waiting & travel. And of course I'll be here when you get home. :-) Enjoy the journey.

  6. WONDERFUL!!! My only wish is that I was going with you to China to pick up my own little china doll! I cannot wait to see the little girl God has waiting for you!

  7. Hi,

    You don't know me, but I know the St.Clairs. Congratulations on your decision to adopt a beautiful little girl from China. Your life will never be the same.

    Laura Temple

  8. With tears of joy, thank you for sharing this! Praying with you and for you. Can't wait to meet the precious lamb God has already chosen for you!

  9. And we'll be cheering you on the entire way! LOVE your heart!! :)

  10. So cool and I can't wait to meet her. I can picture her in my mind and heart and I am praying!