Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

I have discovered that most Moms who blog are seasoned photographers or "Mamarazzi".

If you are going to judge a Mama by her photographic archives or picture-taking-prowess,

this Writer will get a failing grade.

I often completely fail to capture the event at all.

Sad but true.

The following pitiful retrospective will unfortunately prove my case completely.

***~~~Halloween 2005~~~***
Luke as a baseball player.
Age 3.

keep in mind please this was 7 days after Graham was born via cesarean

and yes, I walked him around the neighborhood

and I have these 3 paltry pictures to prove it.

***~~~Halloween, circa 2006~~~***

dear friend /neighbor and I decided we should be Wilma and Betty, while our 2 babies,

both aged under a year

were Pebbles and BamBam.

Still believe that was pure genius.

They looked great.

But I haven't a single shot of Luke that year.

He was 4.

Sorry, Son.

One day you are really going to let me have it for this, I realize.

I think you were Superman.

At least, I am pretty sure you were.

I know, I know.


But I had just found out I was expecting another baby (SURPRISE!)

so I was low on brain cells.

***~~~Halloween 2007~~~***

This is really the low point.

I have ONE picture.

I cannot even promise it's actually from Halloween Day that year.

And you were ALL Superman.

I was out of ideas.

You boys were ages just-turned-2, about-to-be-5 and 6 months.

Have some mercy on your poor mother.

Look how happy you look!

You're oblivious!

***~~~Halloween 2008~~~***

Now this really was adorable.

Daddy was working alot and I really tried hard to get this year's pictures to get it together.

I was coming into my own as a Mamarazzi.

You were 6, 3 and 1.5.

You were Narnia creatures: King Peter, Prince Caspain and a very pouty Aslan.

The lion could NOT get happy that night.

He moped all night long, through a fall festival and his tail swished when he walked.


I thinkI have a picture of that somewhere.

But I can't find it.

And there really aren't any picture of all the boys standing together.
Try to think of it as "artsy".

We DID get this ONE GREAT SHOT, though.

Pouty lion or not.


***~~~Halloween 2009~~~***

Now THIS year was a winner because you were all themed (Star Wars)
but not identical,
I have multiple shots to prove it,
and these pictures happened DURING a party AT our HOUSE, ON HALLOWEEN.

So, you're WELCOME.

It is a lovely thing to do, Trick Or Treating in the autumny mountainy crisp air.



***~~~Halloween 2010~~~***

THIS year we even carved a pumpkin!


If only I had age-appropriate, child-safe pumpkin-carving tools.

It was actually pretty gross and Graham imparticular was NOT a fan.

But we decorated!

A little.

Even if this neighborhood is NOT our Mountain and 3 smartypants middle school girls snatched almost every last piece of that candy all at once.

Sigh, again.

And you chose your own costumes!

And I LET you even though they COMPLETELY did NOT coordinate!

No theme whatever!

"Yay" for Mommy trying NOT to be a control freak!!!

Grandparents are great for getting the smiles to appear for the camera.

Luke was a Yankees ball player.

Ethan was Superman.


And Graham was a Batman-Cowboy.

I have no idea what that is, either but he thought it was funny.

Just a beautiful shot.
I am hoping this makes up for the lost years of Halloween photos.

Silly pictures, too!

Can you BELIEVE all the pictures we have this year???

Buddies came over

and we scoured our humid beachy neighborhood for candy and SCORED.


Does it count that I take "mental snapshots" constantly?




  1. Yay for Halloween! Those pumpkin buckets are super cute too.