Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting to Wait

playing at our beautiful Beach
Doodlebug, 7.5

Honey Monkey, 4.5
Little Bunny, 3

married 11+ years already! wait...can that be POSSIBLE???

in he goes!

Daddy is relentless

I love this because you don't normally see the set-up of the family picture......and there it is.

Peaceful rest after a hard days' play.
We are not adopting.

Not yet.

We are waiting.

Then after that's done, we will wait some more. And we know it.

Instead of filling out adoption paperwork or looking at lists of children or waiting on a referral with a picture of our destined daughter we are doing something first - getting things in order financially.
And guess what?! - it's boring. BORING. Bor-ING.
***NEWS-FLASH: Paying off debt is BORING***
BUT it is important.
Important enough to be the catalyst for a major move from the Mountain to the Beach, important enough to sell our home, move our boys, cause the Hub to take a new job at a new practice, cause us to refocus and and rebudget and change almost everything about the way we do life.
Sometimes important events are exciting:
weddings! birthdays! Disney trips! engagements!
Gotchya days! good news from a doctor! court dates!
(((YAY! EXITING!!!)))

And then again, other important events? Not so much:
Sending a check.
Watching it clear.
Checking off a list.

But, it's what's happening.
The Challenge here is to be content while we are waiting and doing what amounts to feeling like watching paint peel or milk sour or grass grow. Again: boring.
Adoption is in our future; it's going to happen; it's approaching every day; it's destined and it's certain.
But we are aiming a slingshot without releasing it yet - we are waiting.
God hasn't let us begin, yet. He is teaching us something here, the same things He teaches us with every Challenge -it's not a new thing, it's not a different thing and it's actually what He will be using all future Challenges to teach us, once we begin the adoption process, once we are all home together, for the rest of our lives in fact: To Be Close to Him.

That's all. And do you know how much more I desperately seek Him, speak to Him, open his Word for direction and comfort and express weak neediness now that I am homeschooling and waiting to adopt than I did ever before?
My children, here at home and somewhere yet unborn overseas are already the cause of a greater love between me and my Jesus. They are amazingly pushing me towards Him in my own neediness. They are already glorifying Him. That's amazing.

Even though I am waiting.


  1. I didn't know you wanted to adopt! Where do you want her to come from? A little girl for Esty...oh yes...

    Of course, watching paint peel in the meantime really ISN'T much fun.

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Good for you. So proud of you and so thankful for my fellow sisters whose children also drive them to Jesus. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't do this mama thing on my own. And one special little girl is going to be so blessed to call you her mama!

  3. Stopping by to "meet" you! Thank you for de-lurking!

    Your family is adorable! Keep me posted - when the waiting is transitioning into goin' for it!

  4. OH WOW! Didn't realize you were homeschooling and adopting!!!!

  5. Hang in there, sweet friend. She's going to be SOOO worth it! And if it's any consolation, I think milk sours really fast...especially when I leave a bottle in my hot car on a summer day. ;)

  6. I wish so much we could see you guys. You seem to be so much like us in convictions. We plan on homeschooling after 2nd grade for TJ, maybe earlier for the other 2. We have also looked into adoption. Charlie, like Andrew, insists that if we ever adopt, that we need to be debt free (except for the house) We have looked into fostering, and have seen both the positive and negative.
    My hearts desire would be to adopt a girl from Central or South Amercia (Brazil is almost impossible, but Bolivia and Columbia are easier)
    We will be lifting you up as you adventure onward in both adoption and homeschooling.