Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bring. It. ON.

Started homeschooling this week.
Great curriculuum. Motivated 2nd grader. Independant younger brothers. School was over in 2 hrs, 6 minutes today. Being who This Writer is, we began at 8AM, having already caffeinated myself and fed the boys, washed faces and changed clothes, made beds and had bible time as a family. Plus I read a few chapters in a book before that for my own benefit. Plus I think I did some laundry. Plus maybe something else, I can't remember.
And seriously: I was NOT rushing us around. I may be efficient but I am NOT a lover of harried mornings, hence the Huge Bonus of homeschooling that I am most fond of.

Aaaaaaaaaand now I'm bored.

We need a baby.


  1. Yes!! Now, it's time to adopt!!! ;)

    I am so glad that everything is going well.

  2. You're wonderwoman.
    And.....bored = baby??
    I laughed out loud. Oh my.

  3. Yes, please tell us what time you got up. I haaate harried mornings as well. I am not looking fwd to rushing out the door for preschool this year. That alone makes the idea of homeschooling all the more appealing.

  4. That post made me giggle. I read it super fast as I imagine you typed it (or I could hear you saying it).

    Glad the home schooling is going so well, Supermom!

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