Thursday, June 24, 2010

THE MOVE by the Numbers

There's too much. So I will sum up...

Lovely people who attended our going-away bash: around 45
Times I cried driving around the Mountain those last few days: countless
Girlfriends who helped pack my kitchen with me three days before the move: 3
Friends who stopped by with food/gifts/hugs/tears/mementos the day before the move: 5+
Neighbors we stayed with during the day of the Move having lunch, crying and eating:15+
Approx # of boxes packed: 150
Approx # of those boxes which were books only: 60
Trucks that arrived to be packed: 2
Men who arrived to do the loading: 4
Hours the loading took: approx 6
Time we left the Mountain: 3PM
Hours the drive to the Beach took: 11
Number of stops we made: 3
Time the boys fell asleep: around 9PM
Time we arrived: 2AM
Time we fell asleep: 4AM
Time the boys awoke and starting asking to go swimming: 7AM
Hours it took to get to the sand after arrving: 17
Days it took before the truck with furniture arrived: 9
Number of trucks that arrived: 1
Men who arrived to unload the truck: 2
Ages of those men: 28, 65+
Time of day they arrived to unload: 12:30PM
Heat index at that time: 103 degrees F
Other moving company employees who were available to help: 0
Story the movers told us about hiring inmates from a local prison to help unload trucks when employees are unavailable: 1
Members of my family who unloaded the truck with those men: 2
Members of my family who were irate about the condition of the furniture, boxes, men who arrived and stories they told: ALL, mostly me
Boxes that survived the move: precious few
Amount that the movers are willing to compensate us: $150
Total cost of move: financially reimbursible, emotionally inestimable
Days till we attended a new church after moving in: 4
Churches so far attended: 2
Days we attended VBS: 5
Times that Honey Monkey has awakened crying at night: 2
Times Little Bunny has pooped in the potty: maybe 8
Days we have swum in our pool: I am guessing around 20
Cost of Baby Barrier pool fence and locks: $350
Swim lessons so far: 1, each
Trips to the sand: 5
Minutes from our front door to the sand: 12
Dates we have had: 3
Pizza from our favorite place: 4 times
Trips to Disney's Magic Kingdom: 1
Number of new vehicles we have accumulated since moving in: 1 (story in next blog post)
Days the Hub has worked so far: 10
Times he has said he loves it: at least 6
Times we have each been to the DMV for new licenses: 1, each
Times we have left empty-handed because of technicalities: 1, each
Books we checked out from the library here yesterday: 9
Days closing on the house on the Mountain will be delayed because of technicalities: 2
Days till then: 6
Number of house-guests we have had overnight: 2
Miles between the Mountain and the Beach: 633miles
Times I have missed my neighbors: daily
Friends I deeply miss and think of many times daily: innumerable
Number of times my kids have asked for their grandparents in the South: thousands
Times that we have each said: "I love this house, it's so cozy, I am so happy here": many, many, many


  1. Times I have checked to see if you've posted something about your big move: about 2 bajillion

    Yippeeee! So glad to see you back in the blog world. But I'm even more glad that you are cozy & happy.

  2. Good to hear your story! I'm missing you too.

  3. I love the way you summed up your move. I am so happy that you all are happy and home.

  4. Is it bad that it makes me feel better that half your boxes were books? We just moved and I thought I was crazy for having so many books! And love the mover story (it's funny now, at least...or will be eventually). Someone shared that in Sunday school and it sounded so awful that all we could do was laugh! Miss seeing you guys but glad you're enjoying the house, pool, sand, and pizza!

  5. LOL! The same as Molly! So good to hear . . . you're so succinct! =D Hope you guys are happy and feel totally at home soon!