Thursday, June 24, 2010

THE MOVE by the Numbers

There's too much. So I will sum up...

Lovely people who attended our going-away bash: around 45
Times I cried driving around the Mountain those last few days: countless
Girlfriends who helped pack my kitchen with me three days before the move: 3
Friends who stopped by with food/gifts/hugs/tears/mementos the day before the move: 5+
Neighbors we stayed with during the day of the Move having lunch, crying and eating:15+
Approx # of boxes packed: 150
Approx # of those boxes which were books only: 60
Trucks that arrived to be packed: 2
Men who arrived to do the loading: 4
Hours the loading took: approx 6
Time we left the Mountain: 3PM
Hours the drive to the Beach took: 11
Number of stops we made: 3
Time the boys fell asleep: around 9PM
Time we arrived: 2AM
Time we fell asleep: 4AM
Time the boys awoke and starting asking to go swimming: 7AM
Hours it took to get to the sand after arrving: 17
Days it took before the truck with furniture arrived: 9
Number of trucks that arrived: 1
Men who arrived to unload the truck: 2
Ages of those men: 28, 65+
Time of day they arrived to unload: 12:30PM
Heat index at that time: 103 degrees F
Other moving company employees who were available to help: 0
Story the movers told us about hiring inmates from a local prison to help unload trucks when employees are unavailable: 1
Members of my family who unloaded the truck with those men: 2
Members of my family who were irate about the condition of the furniture, boxes, men who arrived and stories they told: ALL, mostly me
Boxes that survived the move: precious few
Amount that the movers are willing to compensate us: $150
Total cost of move: financially reimbursible, emotionally inestimable
Days till we attended a new church after moving in: 4
Churches so far attended: 2
Days we attended VBS: 5
Times that Honey Monkey has awakened crying at night: 2
Times Little Bunny has pooped in the potty: maybe 8
Days we have swum in our pool: I am guessing around 20
Cost of Baby Barrier pool fence and locks: $350
Swim lessons so far: 1, each
Trips to the sand: 5
Minutes from our front door to the sand: 12
Dates we have had: 3
Pizza from our favorite place: 4 times
Trips to Disney's Magic Kingdom: 1
Number of new vehicles we have accumulated since moving in: 1 (story in next blog post)
Days the Hub has worked so far: 10
Times he has said he loves it: at least 6
Times we have each been to the DMV for new licenses: 1, each
Times we have left empty-handed because of technicalities: 1, each
Books we checked out from the library here yesterday: 9
Days closing on the house on the Mountain will be delayed because of technicalities: 2
Days till then: 6
Number of house-guests we have had overnight: 2
Miles between the Mountain and the Beach: 633miles
Times I have missed my neighbors: daily
Friends I deeply miss and think of many times daily: innumerable
Number of times my kids have asked for their grandparents in the South: thousands
Times that we have each said: "I love this house, it's so cozy, I am so happy here": many, many, many