Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coffee Lovers, Unite!

I love coffee.

I am not kidding here.

The other night I laid in bed and thought about all the reasons why coffee is great.

I love that coffee is warm and comforting.

I love that I can look forward to coffee when I go to sleep at night, already anticipating the nutty scent of a sleepy morning's quiet minutes before the Day begins in force.

I love that coffee gives you energy and makes you SuperHuman.
What seemed exhaustingly impossible and overwhelmingly daunting now seems so do-able!

Nominal! Simple!

Bring it on! Pile my To Do List high! I can take it!


I love that coffee gives you a great reason to meet up with people, affords you a conversation starter at parties, displays a glimpe into even a stranger's true colors, and can be personalized innumerable ways.

I love that coffee never makes you drunk, never costs more than you prorably have on you, never can be objected to in mixed company, and is loved the world over.

I love that coffee makes you seem approachable unlike an Evian, makes you seem endearingly flawed in a loveable way, makes you a prisoner of its' harmless addictive nature and makes you beg for it and thank it for existing in equal parts.

I love that coffee can change a personality, a hotel preferance, a facial expression, a budget,

a meeting time, a driving route and a schedule without ever making a demand.

I love that coffee is dependable like clockwork, never changes its' taste or composition, never evaporates or melts.

I love that coffee is a staple you can find in the most luxurious seaside resport, basest prison guard post, calmest church courtyard, cheapest cafeteria and most expensive restaurant.

Man, I even love that coffee keeps you regular both digestively and emotionally.

But most of all I love that coffee is a grown up beverage.

No one's gonna backwash in it or spill it or gulp it down before I get a chance. I can pour, stir, breathe it in, savor each sip, hand a mug to my gratefully gazing Hubby and enjoy my pretty, floral mug all my myself.

And this is maybe enough to be a coffee lover forever.


  1. ...well, never been a coffee drinker. I'm a little partial to my mom's homemade hot chocolate. Kind of wish now I liked the stuff.

  2. Love this post!!!!! And, BTW, I'll never forget your bringing me a cup after K was born. =D

  3. Before I met you, I could barely tolerate coffee or the smell of it. You introduced me to a whole new side of coffee when you showed me the way of good flavored creamer WITH ice on a hot FL day.

  4. Hey, I couldn't have said it better, myself. Makes me want to go fire up a brew right now.

  5. Coffee lovers unite! (Hi Esty!!) =)

  6. You're such a nut but I love you! You need to sell this blog entry to Starbucks or Hallmark. How do I love thee, coffee? Let me count the ways...

  7. Awesome! You almost make me want to grab a cup and drink it up!