Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coffee Lovers, Unite!

I love coffee.

I am not kidding here.

The other night I laid in bed and thought about all the reasons why coffee is great.

I love that coffee is warm and comforting.

I love that I can look forward to coffee when I go to sleep at night, already anticipating the nutty scent of a sleepy morning's quiet minutes before the Day begins in force.

I love that coffee gives you energy and makes you SuperHuman.
What seemed exhaustingly impossible and overwhelmingly daunting now seems so do-able!

Nominal! Simple!

Bring it on! Pile my To Do List high! I can take it!


I love that coffee gives you a great reason to meet up with people, affords you a conversation starter at parties, displays a glimpe into even a stranger's true colors, and can be personalized innumerable ways.

I love that coffee never makes you drunk, never costs more than you prorably have on you, never can be objected to in mixed company, and is loved the world over.

I love that coffee makes you seem approachable unlike an Evian, makes you seem endearingly flawed in a loveable way, makes you a prisoner of its' harmless addictive nature and makes you beg for it and thank it for existing in equal parts.

I love that coffee can change a personality, a hotel preferance, a facial expression, a budget,

a meeting time, a driving route and a schedule without ever making a demand.

I love that coffee is dependable like clockwork, never changes its' taste or composition, never evaporates or melts.

I love that coffee is a staple you can find in the most luxurious seaside resport, basest prison guard post, calmest church courtyard, cheapest cafeteria and most expensive restaurant.

Man, I even love that coffee keeps you regular both digestively and emotionally.

But most of all I love that coffee is a grown up beverage.

No one's gonna backwash in it or spill it or gulp it down before I get a chance. I can pour, stir, breathe it in, savor each sip, hand a mug to my gratefully gazing Hubby and enjoy my pretty, floral mug all my myself.

And this is maybe enough to be a coffee lover forever.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What April Looks Like

playtime outdoors as the temps went up

playdates with friends at home

...and the mess that ensued as a result

doesn't he look blissfully unaware?

Fall Creek Falls

with Mimi and Papa

Mimi and her grandboys

following their daddy through the woods
Doodlebug and the Hub at the Falls

the Falls.


I just saved you a trip.

You're welcome.

Trust me.

visit to the family farm in Viola

barrel horses. They were a hit.

Daddy got to ride, too. Absolutely needed pictures of this.

This Writer even got a pony ride.

Easter Sunday

sweet brothers about to hunt eggs

on the hunt in the front yard in their pajamas


the 5 of us, all cleaned up

trying to take a picture with just my husband...unsucessfully.

my little Easter eggs

ever wonder what "blessed" looks like? It's this right here.

yet MORE outdoorsiness and egg hunts

I Love that Honey Monkey

we were all a bit worn out from all the egg-hunting-outdoors-fun

even the Pony Pup loved the beautiful April fun

Showing off the goods

best buds

me and the Mamacita

There were a total of 4 egg hunts. It was a bit excessive.

excessive but delicious.

...and finally...