Thursday, February 18, 2010

February by the Numbers

February has brought...

Days school was cancelled because of snow: 2

Children with strep throat: at least 1, maybe 2

Random vomiting in the middle of the night episodes: 3

Tsps. of amoxicillin needed twice daily to treat strep throat: 1

Sundays we have been to church this month since we were all so healthy: 0

Nights that someone has climbed into our bed saying they had a sore throat/vomiting/fever/cough: maybe all

Pots of coffee perked daily: 2

New cookbooks from the Book Fair: 2

New recipes I have creatively made from Book Fair cookbooks: 0

Weeks we have waited through while having minor home repairs done: 3

Days we have had snow: somewhere around 8? 10? A million???

Dollars we got in a check for surprise Escrow overage: $740.10!

Days our renter is late paying rent, however: 20 (and counting)

Weekends in a row the Hub has worked: 6

Bags of candy we ultimately collected at Valentine's: 6 (all for the boys)

Decent-sized bowl of candy still left over: 1

"Dove Dark Chocolate" hearts that equal 1 serving size: 5

Days I have worked out: maybe 6

Days we have DVR'd the Vancouver Olympics and watched later on: 6

Days till the Hub and I leave for a March Florida weekend getaway: 16!!!

Weeks till SPRING officially begins: 4.5!


  1. Sounds like you and Andrew will be ready to high tail it to Florida in a couple of weeks! Sorry for all the sickness, days away from the hubs, etc. No fun.