Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Friends for Life

Our middle son, Honey Monkey is always surprising.
Our eldest, Doodlebug on the contrary, is predictable as Christmas.
Our baby, Little Bunny is sunshine and clouds like a confusing weather report.
...but that Monkey one in the middle...he keeps us guessing.
He's just as liable to haul off and punch you in the gut and then run off giggling
as he is to snuggle and smoosh you with kissses.

We shake our heads at him, wondering where he comes up with his answers
during Family Bible Time~~
why would he answer "I would kick him"
when asked how to act upon finding someone getting picked on at school???
Why would he answer "they would cut him in half"
when asked what the Wise Men did upon finding the Babe in the Manger???
Maybe he's mixing metaphors, merely forgetting main themes, just learning these concepts or confusing stories.
Or maybe he's slipping through the cracks and will end up a terrorist.
Dramatic? Sure.
But that's what parents wonder, isn't it?
Monkey was robbed the 3 solid years of attention that Doodle was granted as
The First and Only Child,
as Bunny was born just 18 months after Monkey arrived.
I remember grieving, worried that I was robbing Monkey unfairly after all the bundles and showers of 1-on-1 spoiling that Doodle had.
It was truly troubling.
I hadn't had time to "secure him in our relationship" the way parenting magazines suggest.
He wasn't potty-trained, still used a sippy sup, was carried around all the time, slept in a crib.
He was a baby. My baby still.
The someone said to me: "You are giving him a best friend for life."
And I cannot tell you how that calmed and comforted me.
And of course, it all worked out. They adjusted. I adjusted.
Now all 3 are perfect stair-steps~ adorable~ they play equally and constantly
sharing, wrestling, quarreling, conspiring, negotiating, imagining, helping.
This week at preschool where Bunny and Monkey attend separate classes,
Monkey was given 2 cookies and sent out with his class to play on the playground.
I was told later that Monkey saved a cookie and gave it to Bunny out on the playground where they meet with their classes for shared time.
He saved it.
He shared it.
A cookie!
They must be best friends after all.

No terrorism on the horizon! Horray! *sigh of relief*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nana's Wedding to Papa Ted - 1/2/2010

wedding grandsons
our family of five all cleaned up

my Hub escorting my Mom down the aisle

Nana's Hub breaking the glass
(for all you gentiles:
this represents the ending of the Old Life and the start of a New Life Together)

all 5 of the grandsons
ages: 7, 5, 4, 2 and 1

the wedding party
we're all family now!

entering the reception about to let our hair down

the Bride and Groom

sending the Bride and Groom off
back down the aisle to "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole

we love our Mommy

sending off the Bride and Groom!