Monday, December 28, 2009

It's that Weird Week Between Christmas and New Year's

So Christmas came and went without this Writer remembering to take a picture.
I know, I know.
But seriously: I just forgot!
Here's what I do remember...
Biggest triumph: Honey Monkey, age 4 screaming "I GOT DIS!!!!!" opening his Bat Cave.
They have all played almost non-stop with it.
Biggest surprise: strangely helpful that the Blonde Pony Pup ate the cookies left for Santa. Looked very authentic.
Biggest frustration: Pony Pup also chewed to oblivion 3 out of 4 new dog gifts.
Causing me to wonder: "Why do I even bother?"
Most pitiful lament (also most humorous request): Little Bunny, age 2.5
telling us mournfully:
"I need my DVD" because he wanted to sleep with it.
Saddest thought: missing extended family.
Most adorable reaction: Little Bunny prefering his brothers to open his gifts for him and introduce him to them while looking on excitedly.
Cutest Comment: "I heard his sleigh on the roof last night", Doodlebug, age 7 on
Christmas morning.
Sweetest moment: the Hub set up a TV and DVD player in the Cave downstairs (his office) and we snuggled in the super-dark, super-warm afternoon (heated basement, obviously)
and watched the BBC Austen film he bought for this Writer as a surprise.
It was the middle of the afternoon and we had 3 whole hours. Was luxurious.
Best gift maybe ever.
NO, true best gift ever: The Hub had 4 days off. Totally off.
Best news: we leave for Florida wedding trip on Friday morning, New year's Day!
Always helps to have something to perk your up after Christmas and that'll do it!

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  1. Speaking of BBC movies have you seen North and South? You need to it is FABULOUS!! and Little Dorrit??? Very good too...what BBC did he get you? xoxoxox Lissa