Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Delights

December has kept us busy and loving it.
Here's what we've been up to...
Since Thanksgiving (when we had THREE rounds of company)
we have had SNOW!!!!!!!!

and visits from my sister, Aunt Sissy

and the Hub's brother, Uncle Bubba, with a pal to boot.

We loooooooove when aunts and uncles come visit - we are spoiled and we know it.


We are members of a fabulous and sometimes-rowdy adult Sunday School class.
(That may sound like an oxymoron: "Adult SS class" and "fabulous" but it's true.)
This was the night of our annual
Christmas Party Progressive Dinner and White Elephant Gift Exchange

which gets really noisy and incredibly fun.
We were lucky enough to help host a course this year and it was a blast.

The grandparents' assistance was essential on this one and so appreciated!

Our home is decorated and warm and cozy.
Twinkle lights arch the entryway outside, a wreath greets you at our door and the family room breathes with evergreen.
Since I am both Jewish and also a Believer in Jesus we enjoy a truly spiritual season and we are loving explaining to our boys how the two faiths merge at Christmas and Hannukah.
We decorate the tree while singing carols and eating candy canes
we light the menorah while playing dreidle and eating gelt.

Hannukah = a true story of God's faithful rescue of His children through a Leader.

Christmas = a true story of God's faithful rescue of His children through a Savior.
It all makes perfect sense.
God does not contradict Himself.

There has been 1 Block Party, 1 Board Meeting Dinner Party, 1 double date to the new pizza place, and so much babysitting that my kids are losing it.

The boys themselves have all enjoyed parties in their classes at school and Doodlebug had more festivities going on than I could even keep up with!
We had a top secret field trip to the IMAX downtown with his class in pajamas to view
The Polar Express on the big silver screen in 3-D which was too fun.
The kids were all surprised and it was a hoot to hear them
flip out when they caught on to the plan.
He had parties at school, crafts and endless homemade goodies to bring home.
His 1st grade class made gifts for all their parents- they constructed a Cookbook.

It was made of recipes from each of the kids, labeled and typed individually.

Here is Doodle's contribution:

We even made some reindeer food (made of oatmeal, birdseed and glitter)

to help sustain Santa's help on Christmas Eve.

Honey Monkey and Little Bunny each had a neverending supply of homemade crafts that came home bi-weekly including ornaments and paintings that adorned our fridge amply.

And cards have arrived from all over the country which we enjoy displaying.

If you sent one, it's up there.

We are all set to slow down...just 1 "Happy Birthday Jesus Party", 1 Christmas Eve service, 2 more nights of Hannukah, 1 potluck with neighbors and 1 Christmas morning to go!

...and a cookie swap tonight where I will bring these yummy

Double Peanut Butter cookies....

and with one bite my husband is going to fall in love with me all over again....


  1. Love the way you write on this great to be able to see how you all are doing (and am jealous you get to live on the mountain - hoping we make it up there too some day :)). Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

  2. That was great....all except for the fact that Doodle lied. He does NOT think Peanut Butter & Jelly is delicious....actually, he quite abhors it. haha

    But I guess it was easier to spell than bologna sandwich =)