Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Birthdays

FOUR and SEVEN!!!!

Star Wars Heroes Obi Wan, Captain Rex and Commander Cody
Obi Wan

Commander Cody

Captain Rex
Bunny and Buddy, aged 2 1/2
little friends
trick or treat!!!
ready for trick-or-treating with neighbors
Daddy and Little Bunny


Birthday costume party on Halloween at our place

friends with HM
"Cake Pops", Mommy's red vevet cake on a stick

Honey Monkey bobbbed and got the apple first instead of Doodlebug!

Games were Daddy's idea - Find the Candy Banana in the Pile of Leaves, Scarecrow Stuffing contest and Apple Bobbing...he's an idea man.

Spongebob Bouncing!

Mommy and Mimi

birthday boys
Mommy and Nana

Sissy and Nana New scooters for my boys

Sweet Doodle :)

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