Friday, October 30, 2009


If a picture is worth a thouusand words than these should spare you about a million of mine gushing about Kauai and our beautiful 10 1/2 year anniversary trip this October.

Was it beautiful?

Was it romantic?

Was it relaxing?

Has it totally ruined me for regular life?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loverboy Luke

Normally this Writer does not refer to my children by their given names on this blog

or actually - come to think of it - in everyday life, either

but this is just too juicy to resist.

A girlfriend of mine has a 1st grade daughter, all 4 feet and blonde locks of her

and she, by her own admission is in love with our eldest son.

One day this may perturb me,

girls ogling my handsome boys,

but for now it is adorable

and I had to memorialize it.

My friend handed two of these love letters to me today saying that they are regularly scattered throughout her home and they would never be missed and I got her permission to post them here for posterity.

I have withheld the name of the innocent admirer

but I know who it is and this Writer won't forget.

And besides, if they are married One Day

I have a great story to print off and frame, right?

handwritten 1st grade declarations of love from our eldest's admirer

love letters received by our eldest, age almost-7

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Week in Numbers

2 - number of new green kitchen towels I treated my kitchen to from Target

1 - number of new green kitchen towels the Pony Pup put a hole in while tossing it playfully

6 - number of days there was at least one child home sick this week

4 - boxes of Tylenol purchased

113 - dollars spent at the vet treating the Pony Pup's allergic skin reaction

11 -pills he is taking daily for the time being

700 - days it apparently rained this week

2 - Wii games rented from Blockbuster to pass the time indoors

0 - number of days Little Bunny went accident-free this week

2 - birthday parties we attended

5 - places I called trying to procure a moonwalk bounce house for the boys' joint birthday party coming up on Halloween

1 - places that had a bounce house available - Hallelujah!

50 -invites ordered

2 - cowboys outfits carefully assembled for Hillbilly Day at preschool, worn proudly (pics below)
6 - night shifts in a row the Daddy is currently working

4 - times I am gargling daily with salt water to stave off boys' viruses

25 - number of degrees the weather is flucuating almost daily

8 - days until the Daddy and I leave for our anniversary trip!!!

4 - combined number of family members who are helping care for our boys while we are gone

1 - TV not working

1 - ottoman leg broken

71 - current temp inside

82 - temp expected tomorrow and sunny

66 - temp expected this Saturday, and rain

55 - temp expected next Tuesday with rain, anticipated day of our school's big annual Carnival

5 - minutes ago I should have left the house to help with Ice Cream Day as a room mom for Doodlebug's class!!!

...and quotables from this week...

* "Oh. My. Goodness." - DoodleBug (almost 7) tasting pound cake for the first time and loving it

*"But I can't reach it with my tiny, little hands." - Honey Monkey (almost 4) complaining

*"Da-ba water, da-ba water...a-mim, a-mim." - Little Bunny (2.5) trying to sing "God Our Father" prayer ("God our Father, God our Father...Amen, Amen.")