Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey Lady, just leave the money.

Well, he did it! Doodlebug pulled his own tooth.

Up till now the Daddy had yanked them each out for him sometimes with permission,
and sometimes not so much.

It was a rather bloody affair this first experience with pulling his own tooth and hopefully next time Doodle will be slightly more adept.

Former nurse or not: this Writer was suddenly a little squeamish.
But, it's all over now! His words:

"Hey, Mom, when you come in and check on us tonight leave the money."
This is a child who clearly does not believe in any tooth-related fairies.

~~~~and as a bonus, here's some of what goes on while I am not at home at bath time

but the Daddy is...


  1. Luke, I am so proud of you. You are one brave little boy if you can do that, cause Mimi never has pulled one of my boys' teeth. It gives me the creeps...I think that's because DanDan used to pull ours and it hurt soooooo bad. Check the mail...something is coming your way..I love you, Mimi

  2. Bath pics... they totally look like they were at the spa! VERY CUTE!