Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's not "Having Company" When it's Family

Bubba w/Doodle Bug, Dabbo w/Honey Monkey, Auntie w/her 2,
and Us w/Little Bunny.....aaaaaand Dolly, naturally posing
(not pictured: Mimi, Papa and our Golden Pony-Pup)
Hero Worship
(click on pics to see larger image -you should just see HM's face up close)

Little Bunny trying to get chased - he got caught instead

Bubba vying for Favorite uncle status. It's a tight race and he and Dabbo are competitive.

Bunny making good use of the water fountain.

Hard work, that playground equipment.

Staying young.

Us, married 10+ years already!

Future Sampras?He finally learned to pump his legs - YAY. For a kid who likes to swing as much as he does,
it's a blessing. Trust.

Watching Wii Mario Kart tourneys.

One good thing to come out of Nina's Homegoing?
Daddy's Brother "Dabbo" (so-dubbed by our eldest long ago) came from oversees to spend time here in The States.
We took the opportunity to have a weekend of family time here at our place.
All 3 of Daddy's siblings, 2 of the kids' cousins, Mimi and Papa with Dolly and a partridge in a pear tree came to visit us on the mountain.
We had plenty of good eats, (too much in fact) swimming, Wii Mario Kart tournaments,
outdoor chalk drawing lessons, playground outings, hiking, and peals of laughter...
mostly at Bubba, the youngest of the siblings and inherently hilarious - intentional or not.
All that was missing? Our Aunt Bee. We missed you, B!!!!!!

It was a great time. Hopefully an annual event!


  1. You remind me to take pics of Nate and me together. Thanks!

  2. I still can't get over how tough it was to race Luke. Once I started using the wheel like he did, he kept beating me!

  3. Aw, thanks sis! It was rough not being there too :( I love that pic of Brandon and Graham. Very sweet!
    Love ya, B xx