Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doodle's 1st Day of 1st Grade

~~~~~~first.....blasts from the past....~~~~~~
When he was an only child for the last time.

The new big brother, 2005 with Honey Monkey

Doodle at 3, pouting

Baby Doodle Bug, age 3
~~~~~and now, a 1st grader...~~~~~

Doodle bug: front row, white polo shirt - he fought me on that. Wanted a ratty old Tshirt.
Camo shorts was compromise enough I told him.

isn't that a wonderful room?!? a full wall of windows open to the
wooded "outdoor classroom"

Doodle is so pleased with himself. He's always been way mature.

Luckily he smiles tirelessly for me...

...and he poses for me in front of his cubby. He wanted a locker like High School Musical, but settled for this.

Checking in.

The Hub and Doodle (AKA: Him and Mini-Him).

No way should I have a 1st grader. Aren't I still 24?

In 2 more years, Honey Monkey will be a kindergartner and the following year Little Bunny follows.

My precious Bug.


Our baby, the one who was 3lbs 11oz at birth? He started 1st grade today.
He is almost 7 years old.


Actually, literally hard to fathom.
His new 1st grade teacher is still on maternity leave, so his teacher till around Halloween is his assistant teacher from his kindergarten room. What an especially seamless transition we know that will make things for Doodle.
Today he asked would I please walk him through the big double front doors of the main entrance and he gladly held my hand all the way through the halls. He won't always want to hold hands I know and well he should outgrow that in time, like any self-respecting young guy. Today though I relished it completely and packed it away in mental bubble wrap.

My little Doodle Bug.


  1. How sweet is this! I would hope you would share this at the funeral. It's precious. She has the biggest smile on her face this morning with all these kind thoughts and memories that we are sharing with each other. You know how Mom loved being the center of attention...well, "Mom, you are our are deserving of every bit of it". Thanks, Esty, for being so full of love and grace. You must start writing your book, SOON. I love you, Mom D.

  2. So sweet! I love the older pics!

  3. Wow. It goes fast, doesn't it? I love how he wanted to hold your hand - so glad you realized it was a moment to "bubble wrap". I let those moments go all too often!