Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Rain Solution= Apple Green PlayDoh

creative geniuses
Dooddle Bug's ingenuitive piece titled "Big Worm"

proud Honey Monkey - took 3 tries to get a picture with it away from in front of his face

Little Bunny is normally shirtless - don't be alarmed

...aaaaaaaaaaaand more rain today...
happily though I have my Aunt's trusty homemade PlayDoh recipe and ingredients on hand!
Apple Green was the requested hue today.
Doodle Bug's compliment came:
"It's great cuz you don't hafta worry about mixing colors."
(Clearly we need to start school again and soon.)
The homemade stuff trumps store-bought for us becuase
it's like a parrafin hand treatment, so softening from the oil
and so moldably pliant.
It should last 5 days in decent Tupperware.
It goes like this:
2C water
3T vegetable oil
~~boil together~~
(seperate bowl mix:)
2.5C flour
1/2C salt
1T powdered alum (baking ingredient with spices on baking aisle)
After boiling remove from heat -- add food coloring as desired -- add liquid to dry ingredients -- stir well -- when cooled enough knead like bread dough.
Not that this Writer acutally kneads or bakes bread dough.
Just saying.

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  1. So - I got your blog address from Face book and thought I would come be a blog stalker. :) It's kind of funny - because really, I don't know you - just a connection through Dave. But
    when ever I see your status updates on FB I'm always thinking "man - we would so be friends if we ever hung out!" Your always so witty and "real". :) Plus - you know, the whole "mom to many boys" thing we have going on. Boy mom's must stick together! :)
    Very awesom blog - come stalk mine sometime! :)