Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dance Partying SuperHeroes

we torture our poor Pup

the Stance of the Heroes

battling evil in dishcloths and blankies

notice Little Bunny's fingers splayed creatively
and Doodle Bug's concentrated tongue

gettin' jiggy

trying to double-turn over their heads

they get DOWN with their bad selves


Robot Dancing

get down, baby!

We've had some rain
It's stayed real wet
As far as you can see.
We've stayed indoors
For many hours
Trying to stay happy.
Our mom gets bored
We all get nuts
About to turn cross-eyed.
So turn up the tunes
And break loose awhile
Live it up while we're inside!


  1. Esty, you have adorable children! I can see you doing all of that, right along with them.