Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Rain Solution= Apple Green PlayDoh

creative geniuses
Dooddle Bug's ingenuitive piece titled "Big Worm"

proud Honey Monkey - took 3 tries to get a picture with it away from in front of his face

Little Bunny is normally shirtless - don't be alarmed

...aaaaaaaaaaaand more rain today...
happily though I have my Aunt's trusty homemade PlayDoh recipe and ingredients on hand!
Apple Green was the requested hue today.
Doodle Bug's compliment came:
"It's great cuz you don't hafta worry about mixing colors."
(Clearly we need to start school again and soon.)
The homemade stuff trumps store-bought for us becuase
it's like a parrafin hand treatment, so softening from the oil
and so moldably pliant.
It should last 5 days in decent Tupperware.
It goes like this:
2C water
3T vegetable oil
~~boil together~~
(seperate bowl mix:)
2.5C flour
1/2C salt
1T powdered alum (baking ingredient with spices on baking aisle)
After boiling remove from heat -- add food coloring as desired -- add liquid to dry ingredients -- stir well -- when cooled enough knead like bread dough.
Not that this Writer acutally kneads or bakes bread dough.
Just saying.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dance Partying SuperHeroes

we torture our poor Pup

the Stance of the Heroes

battling evil in dishcloths and blankies

notice Little Bunny's fingers splayed creatively
and Doodle Bug's concentrated tongue

gettin' jiggy

trying to double-turn over their heads

they get DOWN with their bad selves


Robot Dancing

get down, baby!

We've had some rain
It's stayed real wet
As far as you can see.
We've stayed indoors
For many hours
Trying to stay happy.
Our mom gets bored
We all get nuts
About to turn cross-eyed.
So turn up the tunes
And break loose awhile
Live it up while we're inside!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekends are the Best

Sometimes our "weekend" isn't at the same time as everyone else's.

It's an occupational hazard of being married to a guy who sacrificially works days, nights, weekends and holidays in a rotating fashion and
sometimes it does bite.
To be sure, when we have a Friday night that brings the start of a long stretch of work
for the hubby
and a long stretch of semi-solitude for us here at the house
it can feel unfair
when everyone else is celebrating and kicking back for the weekend.

But when we have a day or two or three in the middle of the work week when everyone else is
slaving away at work
and we are lying around lazily and napping and playing
it does feel luxurious.

I freely admit we love that.
It's weird - but it's our reality and we're used to it.

This week we used our "weekend" to visit the children's museum here in town
which our boys totally love.
They excavated dinosaur bones, sent boats down a stream, made clay pizzas, met up with Curious George, worked simple machines and danced to music.
And then we walked around downtown in some lovely weather
and all noshed on some cheesburgers.
You should know the picture of the Two of Us cracking up was not staged - we were actually cracking up at me.
This Writer cannot seem to find the right button when I try to snap a self-portrait...time and again I switch the camera off so we watch the lens retract instead of flash.
It's an unbreakable habit.
He finds this hilarious.

It was a GREAT "weekend"!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July and other Summery Things

For this family, holidays and family gatherings are synonymous.

The 4Th of July brought lots of family to visit and lots of FOOD with them.
This Writer is therefore dieting this week!!!
Plenty of pictures captured this entirely wonderful weekend.
To cap off the festivities, our family of 5 plus my Mom the Bride
headed across the way to the Club
as guests of our wonderful neighbors who we just adore
and watched some of the best fireworks
we've ever seen --apart from the Mouse House, naturally.
(those cannot be beat - I am a Floridian at heart, after all and am loyal)

The weather was clear and dark and a slight bathwater -warm breeze
blew up gently over the rocks and made us dreamily comfortable as we watched the colors blasting directly overhead.
Watching the ant-sized versions of fireworks all over the city below from our perch at the edge of the mountain was a tremendous treat
and afterwards my boys all road home on their backs in the bed of the Hubby's pickup
while I leisurely wound our way home.
From now on we will intentionally vie for an annual invite from our unsuspecting neighbors.

Summer on this Tennessee mountain is serenely beautiful.
Bubbles percolating on our back porch that blow around under the circulating fans,
sprinklers in the front yard that bring all the neighbors running to play in the water together,
a trampoline that briefly sways with happy jumpers,
friends' gatherings that end long after a school night's curfew...
it's a wonderful summer.